LewRockwell.com – October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Sell Your Euros, Hoard Your Gold
War looms, says Gerald Celente.
Is Randianism a Cult?
Murray Rothbard on the sociology of Ayn.
Question Democracy
Don’t vote, says Jim Fedako.
The Real Lesson of Hurricane Sandy
Copy Goldman Sachs, not the NYC government, and prepare, says Bob Wenzel.
Remember Cheap, Little Cars That Got Great MPG?
Eric Peters on how the feds forced all of them into extinction.
The Spread of Financial Fascism
Jim Karger on currency controls.
Want To Become an Idea Machine?
James Altucher on the 10 steps.
Learn Anything in 3 Easy Steps
Tess Pennington on how to prepare for what’s ahead with newly acquired skills.
This Paradise Will Not Be Lost
James Delingpole goes forth to slay the Algorean lizard.
9 Ways To Make a Fire
Without matches. Article by Jason Wiskerchen.
Is It Primal or Not?
Mark Sisson on some good things to eat.
Holes in the Earth
10 of Mother Nature’s most spectacular.