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Created by Roy Perlmutter   October 24 2012


Fahrenheit 451 and the Flame of Liberty


Rocky Mountain National Park fire among several burning in Colorado


He may care, but he sure hasn’t done much for them.

Negative $4,019

The Obama years have been brutal on middle-class incomes.

If Mr. Obama succeeds in convincing voters that he really is the tribune of the middle class, it will be the political conjurer’s trick of the century.


Watch Clint Eastwood Speak at Republican National Convention


Caterpillar cuts profit forecast as global economy slows


Fed considering upping QE3 size and language


Corzine, banks push to end MF Global fraud lawsuit

Criminal charges stemming from the collapse are unlikely, and civil cases are the more likely outcome, people familiar with the matter have said.


This is not complicated at all. This is just stealing. You owe money, you don’t have the cash to cover it, and so you take money belonging to someone else to cover your debts. There’s no room at all here for an argument that this money was just lost due to a bad investment, an erroneous calculation based on someone’s poor understanding of a complex transaction, etc. It’s straight-up embezzlement.


Jon Corzine Is the Original George Zimmerman  by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

To make an obvious comparison: Much like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the outrage here goes beyond the fact of the horrific crime. An equally profound insult in both cases lay in the fact that that serious crime obviously had been committed, and yet authorities refused to act for months. This situation with former Goldman chief and U.S. Senator Jon Corzine and the officials of MF Global involves a less physically savage offense, but the authorities’ refusal to act is every bit as incredible.


Corzine, Amid Scandal, Is Among Obama’s Top Bundlers


Did Bankers Deliberately Crash MF Global to Crash Gold and Silver Prices?


GERALD CELENTE: MF Global Bonus Time, JP Morgan, Gold Delivery. Trends In The News


JPMorgan Chase Knew MF Global All Too Well . . . Duh!?


William Daley’s JP Morgan Stock: Obama’s Next Chief Of Staff Has Millions Invested


J.P. Morgan’s hunt for Afghan gold


Barack Obama (D)    Top Contributors


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No Country for Old Men