LewRockwell.com – October 23, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Why I Won’t Vote
It’s a choice between 2 elaborate con games, says James Altucher. NB: some bad language.
Expect Conservatives To Defend Obamacare
They already love the rest of the welfare state. Article by Tom Woods.
About Slavery
Walter Williams on what you’re not allowed to say.
Dangerous Books?
The Kochtopus censors Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Article by Joakim Fagerström and Joakim Kampe.
Top 11 Movies About Politics
How many have you seen? Article by John Whitehead.
The Sad History of US Peace Negotiations
Make that war promotions. Article by Chris Rossini.
Medical Prepping in 3 Months
Everything you’ll need to safeguard your loved ones. Article by Cynthia Koelker, MD.
A Nuclear Melt-Down In the US?
Whistleblowers say the risk is worse than Fukushima.
I’m Fed Up With Gum Chewers
They look both bovine and predatory, says Theodore Dalrymple.
If You Have To Use Prescription Drugs
Forget most expiration dates, says Joseph Mercola.
Your Money Isn’t Safe
In any US financial institution, says Mark Nestmann, who learned the hard way.
Modern Wheat Is Toxic
Mark Sisson on how this came to be, and why we must avoid it.