LewRockwell.com – October 19, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012
The State Doesn’t Want You To Have a Passport
Look at the feds’ latest totalitarian scheme. Article by Bob Wenzel.
A Masterful Deception
Gary North on FDR in 1932.
Don’t Vote
For your sake and the sake of freedom, says Doug Casey.
‘A Pox on Both Their Houses’
It’s doesn’t matter who wins. Both candidates are equally bad, says Jim Rogers.
Guerillas Win Because They’re Free-Market Fighters
As compared to sclerotic and bureaucratic empires, says Jack Douglas.
Forget the ‘Public Good’
Eric Peters on stopping our descent into collectivism.
Gerald Celente Changes His Mind
About which sociopath may win in November.
Countries Where You Don’t Need ‘Health Insurance’
And the medical care is cheap and high-quality, says Simon Black.
Pity Poor America
Michael Scheuer on Romney, Obama, and perpetual war.
Guns and Ignorant Journalists
Paul Huebl defines their 5 most misused terms.
Worried About GM Foods?
If you go primal, you’ll be avoiding them automatically, says Mark Sisson.
Lee Harvey Oswald’s Girlfriend
After years abroad for her safety, Judith Vary Baker returns to exonerate the “patsy.”