Cheshire County Candidates Forum Strawpoll Results

The Cheshire County Candidates Forum was held from 2-4pm on October 16, 2012 in the Keene Public Library’s Ruth Huntress Auditorium. Twenty-seven candidates were invited, nine attended. Candidates answered questions from the moderator and the audience. A strawpoll was conducted at the end of the forum. Surprise winners include Libertarians John Babiarz for Governor, Hardy Macia for Congress, Ian Freeman for State Rep. Cheshire 16 and Darryl W. Perry for Register of Deeds.

The full results can be downloaded here.

The initial results incorrectly listed write-in candidates for Executive Council (Richard A. Foote) & State Senate (Eli Rivera) as receiving 4 votes, each actually received 1 write-in vote.

Watch the forum in 6 parts on YouTube or in the player below.