LewRockwell.com – October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012
US Out of Syria!
Pay no attention to Romney’s neocons. Article by Pat Buchanan.
TSA Attacks Dying Cancer Patient
Becky Akers on naked cruelty.
The Double-Yellow Prison
And why the government wants you in it. Article by Eric Peters.
Don’t Listen to the US Government
It can’t be trusted, says Jim Rogers.
Let’s Drug Screen
The corporate welfare queens, says Tony Pivetta.
East Germany With Palm Trees
Does CA plan a “Berlin Wall” to punish the successful? Article by Walter Williams.
Caught in the Act
James O’Keefe of anti-ACORN fame exposes widespread voter fraud. Article by Mac Slavo.
Are Capital Controls Coming?
Who can doubt it? Don’t be caught, says Simon Black.
What Are Businesses Quietly Preparing for?
Dan Steinhart on the financial end-times.
The More Precise the #, the Bigger the Lie
That’s Bonner’s Law for the handiwork of government economists.
28 Good Questions
You won’t hear the MSM ask.
Too Much Is Bad
Mark Sisson on why excessive exercise can be hazardous to your health.