U. S. Senate Candidate John Jay Myers Responds to WFAA Debate Questions and Answers

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October 8, 2012

U. S. Senate Candidate John Jay Myers Responds to WFAA Debate Questions and Answers

Dallas, TX – John Jay Myers released a series of videos Friday in response to some of the WFAA debate questions and his opponents’ answers. WFAA excluded the Libertarian candidate from the televised October 2 debate using what Mr. Myers considered to be dubious criteria and partisan bias.
“The question is, what are these guys scared of? What is KERA scared of? What is WFAA scared of?” asked Myers in one of the videos, responding to Paul Sadler’s attack against Ted Cruz for agreeing to only two debates. The Republican has also agreed to appear on a KERA televised debate later this month, but has balked on other debates such as the League of Women voters debate in Houston this week. KERA has failed to invite John Jay Myers, but he has been invited to the televised LWV debate.

Ted Cruz told debate moderators that he has “criss-crossed the state”, to which Mr. Myers responded, “We have criss-crossed Texas. We have spoken in front of hundreds of people at different locations…and we have legitimate issues that these two guys are not covering.” The John Jay Myers for Senate campaign has visited many cities, including Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Waco, Tyler, Mount Pleasant,
Houston, Nacogdoches, and San Angelo.

Myers also attacked the two on a variety of issues. Responding to Ted Cruz‘s suggestion that Sadler is running a liberal campaign, Myers states, “If you don’t want to cut Social Security or entitlement spending, and you don’t want to cut the military, you’re either raising taxes or creating debt. Those are your two choices. So if you’re not planning to do any of that, then you’re worse than a liberal campaign.
Because at least in a liberal campaign they tell you they’re going to steal your money.”

On foreign policy, Myers criticized Paul Sadler after he suggested that cutting off foreign aid to countries like Egypt and Libya would create a vacuum to be occupied by other powers such as Russia. Myers responded, “We’re the strongest military in the world; no one can touch us. We need to just bring our troops home…instead of breeding the type of hate that we do around the world and driving this country into bankruptcy, which is what Russia found out when they were in Afghanistan, Mr. Sadler.”

John Jay Myers will be spending three days in Houston later this week, speaking at Kingwood College on Wednesday and attending a fundraiser Thursday afternoon. He will also appear on the PBS show Red, White, and Blue candidate forum, as well as attending a League of Women Voters debate on Friday, October 12.

The full set of debate response videos can be found on our Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/clearsky24

Anyone wishing to contact John Jay Myers, learn more about the campaign, or donate, can visit www.JohnJayMyers.com for more information.