A Milestone in America’s Indefinite Occupation of Afghanistan

October 7 marked the 11th anniversary of the American invasion of Afghanistan. During the past 11 years, 2,000 American soldiers and untold thousands of Afghani’s have been killed. The “surge” is over, and US officials insist that the mission was accomplished.

Of the 11 year occupation of Afghanistan, Jason Ditz of Antiwar.com wrote, the US is “looking down the barrel of an even bloodier civil war, according to some experts, who say that as NATO reduces its presence the Taliban may pick up the pace of attacks against the Karzai government.”

Ditz continues, “Now, the US says that they don’t expect any serious progress in talks with the Taliban for years.
For more NATO nations, the goal now seems to be to get out while the getting’s good.” By contrast, the US government has pledged to keep American troops in Afghanistan through 2024. The question is now: “how long will the American government continue to throw troops at a battle that the experts see ending with a Taliban victory?”

If history is any indicator, troops will remain in Afghanistan indefinitely. In the late 1800′s after the Spanish-American War, Cuba, Guam, Philippines & Puerto Rico were given to the USA for $20 million. Cuba became independent in 1902, Philippines was granted independence in 1946, however Puerto Rico & Guam are still American territories and American troops remain in each country (and territory). American troops remain in Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France and most other European countries even though World War II ended in 1945. American troops remain in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and most other Asian countries, most of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Caribbean & South America.

The pro-interventionist crowd will say “we need to be in these other countries because they’re killing each other and want to kill us.” Based on that same logic, American troops should patrol Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, St. Louis, Birmingham, AL and most other medium/large American cities because of gang violence. Secondarily, the primary reason some people in foreign countries are belligerent towards the United States, is due to the fact that the American military is intervening in their country. How would you feel if the roles were reversed and Afghan troops were roaming the streets in your neighborhood?