LewRockwell.com – October 5, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012
30 Years of Bedeviling the Bad Guys
Lew Rockwell on starting the Mises Institute.
Drug Prohibition
It’s a war on all that’s decent, says Laurence Vance.
You Want To Pay With What?
Our rulers will force us to go cashless, says Eric Peters.
One Very Strange Use for Silver Coins
Very fun, too. Article by Simon Black.
The So-Called Debate
Did it change everything? Article by Pat Buchanan.
What Would Albert Einstein Say to Ben Bernanke?
Stop printing, before the train of capitalism crashes. Article by Richard Benson.
Forget It, Mitt
We’re not voting for the equally evil, says Ron Holland.
Male Power
A classic approach to focusing it.
Why Do Gangsters Hold Their Guns Sideways?
Because it can help their aim, says a Marine marksman.
How To Deal With Life-Changing Setbacks
Mark Sisson on cultivating resilience.
Live Free and Smoke
Alex Newman on heroic NH jury nullification.
Don’t Get a Flu Shot
It doesn’t work, says David Brownstein MD.