LewRockwell.com – October 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Tom Woods Used To Be a Neocon
The war question made him a libertarian.
Rubbing Out Jack, Bobby, and John, Jr.
Don Miller, MD, on who offed 3 Kennedys and why.
The World’s First Proven Cancer Preventive?
Ignored by Big Pharma. Article by Bill Sardi.
The Road to Electronic Stupification
The feds’ latest “safety” mandates will menace drivers, says Eric Peters.
Let’s Be Even-Handed in the Middle East
We need the same standards for all, says Justin Raimondo.
America Is Occupied
Ron Holland on the identity of our overlords.
The Korean Smackdown of the Japanese
Mike in Tokyo Rogers on a capitalist victory.
The Tax-Subsidized, Statist Bureaucracy Called Pro Football
Skip Oliva on why the future may not be bright.
American Paradise Lost
Jack Douglas on the country he grew up in vs. today’s dystopia.
4 Years of Stealing Everything
It was so easy, and it was fun, “like being on drugs,” says ex-TSA thug.
British Lingo Conquers America
How many of these words and phrases do you understand?
18 Things To Like About Being Self-Sufficient
For example, living off the grid, say Dan and Sheila.