LewRockwell.com – October 1, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012
Hell Week in NYC
Eric Margolis on the UN and WWIII.
Are You the Enemy?
Eric Peters on why it’s open season on us.
How Government Lies Become ‘Truth’
Paul Craig Roberts on the ministry of propaganda.
I Finally Started Smoking
I’m so happy about that, says Jeff Berwick.
The Federal Lobster Trap
And you’re the crustacean, says Bill Butler.
Free Speech vs. Hate Speech
Why is it legal to insult Muslims but not Jews? Article by William Saletan.
Jury Nullification Justice!
Raw-milk farmer acquitted in government persecution case. Article by J.G. Vibes.
How You Eat Your Eggs
Predicts your job, your personality, and even your sex drive.
Hollywood Fracks-Up
James Delingpole on a new eco-propaganda flick.
Prepping on the QT
Tess Pennington on how to deal with the reluctant ones.
How I Got Off the Hamster Wheel
Chronic cardio, sugar binges, and a sickening diet are all gone, thanks to going primal, says Michelle Ford.
What’s the Deepest Hole Ever Drilled by Man?
Do you know these 15 really odd geographical facts?