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Mediator from 9/11, Virginia Tech could play role in Aurora victims fund

Tom Teves, whose 24-year-old son, Alex, was killed at the theater, said this morning that he would withhold judgement on Feinberg’s involvement until after he sees whether anything actually results from Friday’s meeting.

“Talk is cheap,” Teves said. “But if they (Community First and 7/20 Committee) actually give control to the guy and they get the hell out of the way, well then, good.”

He said he knew little about Feinberg, but that he and other victims so distrust the current management of the fund that any positive change would be welcome.

“I’d feel better with Genghis Khan being in control to be honest with you,” he said.


Lawyer brought in to help mediate the Aurora theater-shooting fund


Aurora theater shooting victims file suits against Cinemark


14. Upon information and belief Defendant did not have in place any security practices or procedures, nor did it employ or adequately train any employee or security personnel to prevent or deter someone to surreptitiously and unlawfully re-enter the theater through an unlocked and unalarmed door.


Judge in theater shooting case unseals court file


Obama declares Chimney Rock a national monument


Barack Obama easily tops past presidential visits to Colorado


Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.12

What I find ironic is that neither party is talking about the “unlimited” $40 billion a month the Fed is printing to buy sour mortgage debt from the big banks.  This is another banker bailout!!  This mortgage debt was supposed to be equal to Treasuries in quality-AAA.  Now, it is toxic?  Isn’t that a gigantic fraud on the taxpayers of America?

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To Infinity and Beyond!,r:3,s:0,i:83


The Only Way They Can Stop This Is Bring Out A New Currency


How to Lose Weight Fast the Deutsche Bank Way


DHS Enlists Citizen Spies Via New Smartphone App

Encourages Americans to take photographs of “suspicious” persons & vehicles


Econ Moment QE3


Dr Michael Antoniou, a molecular biologist at King’s College, London, and an expert on GM foods, said: ‘It shows an extraordinary number of tumours developing earlier and more aggressively – particularly in female animals. I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts.’–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html?ITO=1490


In another massive victory against Monsanto and the spread of genetically modified crops, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayraul has announced that the nation will be maintaining a key ban on the only remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe… Monsanto has significant pull when it comes to government around the globe, with the United States in particular being the ‘launch pad’ for the biotechnology movement. We now know thanks to WikiLeaks, in fact, that United States ambassadors have actually threatened nations opposed to Monsanto’s GMO maize crops, going as far as to threaten them with ‘military-style trade wars’.


Controversial ‘naked’ scanners scrapped at Manchester Airport over cancer scare


Obama Was Warned About Libya 48 Hours Prior And Did Nothing


Romney And Bain Boosted Agriculture Giant Monsanto In Spite Of Toxic Past


AUDIO: 1998 Recording Captures Obama Embracing ‘Redistribution’


Judge Napolitano: Nobody Should Be Surprised About Obama’s Redistribution Comments


Clarke and Dawe – Quantitative Easing


Unfiltered News from Reality Zone by G. Edward Griffin


Economists Can Neither Think Nor See


What Mitt Romney Also Said: A Glimpse Of The Endgame?


Spain risks break-up as Mariano Rajoy stirs Catalan fury

The ruling parties of Catalonia have sought guidance from Brussels on the legality of secession from Spain, requesting a “route map” for membership of the European Union and the euro as an independent state.


Bundesbank President and economist, Jens Weidmann,… this week he put it into a context which the public would be able to understand, and ‘shocked’ Europeans by relating the program to that of making a deal with the devil.


Weidmann refers, as many have before him, to the ‘Faustian pact’, called so thanks to Act I, Part II of Goethe’s 1832 play ‘Faust’. In the play the Devil, Mephisto, convinces the Holy Roman Emperor to print large amounts of paper money rather than use gold.  In the short term, the money printing solves the emperor’s financial problems, but it soon leads to rampant inflation.

Inflation is an invisible thief, it leads to disposable incomes falling, savings decreasing in value and interest rates becoming effectively detrimental to those who try to be sensible with money.


DEUTSCHE BANK: Western Economies Are Screwed, And Investors Face A ‘Disturbing Paradox’


Wall Street lobbyists are awesome. I’m beginning to develop a begrudging respect not just for their body of work as a whole, but also for their sense of humor. They always go right to the edge of outrageous, and then wittily take one baby-step beyond it. And they did so again last night, with the passage of a new House bill (HR 2827), which rolls back a portion of Dodd-Frank designed to protect cities and towns from the next Jefferson County disaster.


The Not-So-Funnies


The Bernanke of the 18th Century