LewRockwell.com- Weekend Edition, September 22-23, 2012

Weekend Edition, September 22-23, 2012
Conspiracy Theories? You Bet
Gary North on why the establishment can no longer suppress the truth.
Beware of the New Cop Hotrod
It’s harder to spot and more expensive (of course), and your tickets will be, too, says Eric Peters.
The American Hitler
The coming social unrest could produce him. Article by Bob Wenzel.
You’re Supposed To Forget the Hollywood Hate Movie
Justin Raimondo on “al-Qaeda” in Libya.
Government’s Monopoly on Crime
And “sovereign citizens.” Article by Will Grigg.
How High Can Gold Go?
There’s no telling, says Jim Grant.
The Invisible Fence
It works as well as a real one, says Jeff Berwick.
The US Media War on Islam
Stephen Lendman on lies, lies, lies.
Could Romney Be Right?
On the 47%, he is, says Pat Buchanan.
The Neocon Plan for World Conquest
Felicity Arbuthnot on the Project for a New American Century, and its latest victims.
Top 10 Mysterious Monsters
Who are these puzzling creatures?
Forget Endless, Mind-Numbing Cardio
Move slowly, lift heavy things, and sprint a little to achieve primal fitness, says Mark Sisson.