Paul Brown: Another Victim in the War on Drugs

What’s the worst that can happen when a package is accidentally delivered to the wrong house?

Paul Brown found out the hard way. According to the Lake County News-Sun, Brown was in his basement when his son-in-law accepted a package from the mail carrier and 10 minutes later his house was raided by police officers with the Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

Brown said, “They crashed things, they smashed things. You couldn’t walk into a room because everything from the drawers was thrown around and emptied onto the floor. The garage door was open. They could have just walked in. They didn’t have to crash the front door down.”

Brown was released without charge after the 2 hour incident.  “They were upset they didn’t find anything. When I asked them who was going to pay for the door they basically said, ‘Not us’.”

He said his $3,000 front door is “ruined and they left my house in a shambles and they don’t care. Now they won’t return my telephone calls.”

Paul Brown hired an attorney, Christopher Cohen, to look into filing a civil suit. Cohen says, “the Browns were innocent bystanders in the war on drugs.”