LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, September 15-16, 2012

Weekend Edition, September 15-16, 2012
Operation Screw
Peter Schiff on what Bernanke’s doing to you.
The Chicago Mob Called Teachers
Gary North on how to handle government extortionists.
The Trouble With Feminism
Murray Rothbard, at the birth of Women’s Lib.
Muslims Don’t Want To Be Bombed and Occupied
We have no business doing it. Time to come home, says Pat Buchanan.
The Man on the Street Is Doomed
The Fed’s QE forever policy is ludicrous – Bernanke should resign, says Marc Faber. Article by Constantine Gardner.
What America Is Best at
Killing people en masse.
Power Revealed
Justin Raimondo on string pulling for a foreign government.
Is It Time for Sheeple-Fleecing Again?
Clive Maund on some truly alarming indicators you might not be watching.
Think of Prepping as Investing
Time to evaluate your portfolio of self-protection.
What’s the Funniest Movie Ever Made?
It has 3 laughs a minute. See if you agree.
What’s the Best Time of the Day To Eat?
Ori Hofmekler on your body’s circadian rhythms.
Get the Government Off Your Plate
Mark Sisson on how and why.