LewRockwell.com – September 14, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012
Go Ahead and Vote
Endorse the criminal power of government. Article by Mike Rozeff.
The Opposite of a Truther Is a Liar
Justin Raimondo on 9/11 and the neocons.
We’re Being Turned into Serfs
Paul Craig Roberts on the power elite’s plans for us.
3 Candidates for Office in Washington
Eric Margolis on Obama, Romney, and Netanyahu.
Why Blacks Were Turned Down for Mortgages
More often than whites or Asians. Article by Thomas Sowell.
Helping the Banks
And hurting, perhaps destroying, us. Ron Paul on the Fed lunatics.
Hey, Car Guys
Do you remember these? Article by Eric Peters.
Republican Fraud
Walter Williams on pretend spending cuts.
160 Reasons To Stock Coconut Oil
For health, hygiene, cooking, and just about everything else.
Backyard Ballistics
Inventor Bill Gurstelle demos some things that guys like to shoot.
Handling Life’s Unexpected Emergencies
SHTF planning makes it a whole lot easier, says Sarah Duncan.
Need Natural Relief from Chronic Joint Pain?
Take Astaxanthin, and it’s a key to brain, eye, and heart health, too, says Joseph Mercola.