Joe Biden: “Fact Check Me” – It Doesn’t Matter If He’s Telling the Truth

Joe Biden recently extended an invitation to the media to check the veracity of his claims on Medicare, saying, “I say to the press, ‘Fact check me.’” Biden continued by saying Republican proposals will cause the Medicare trust fund to run out of money by 2016.

CBS reports, “media fact-checkers have in fact investigated similar remarks by Biden about Medicare going bankrupt in 2016 and found them to be inaccurate.”

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post reported, Medicare “Part A, which pays hospitals, has a ‘trust fund,’ made up of special-issue Treasury bonds, that always seems to be on the edge of running dry. But even so, the payroll tax could pay most estimated expenditures for decades. And does anyone doubt Congress would not step in and fill any gaps?”

Glenn Kessler makes a point that should cause you to pause and think. Congress will no doubt “ step in and fill any gaps” which will only make the problem worse.

In her award winning book, Healing Our World, Dr. Mary Ruwart wrote, “The costs of medical care are skyrocketing because of the heavy regulation of the health care industry, including the licensing of physicians and pharmaceuticals. Should we consider using the aggression of taxation to subsidize national health insurance until deregulation?
…[U]sing the guns of government to solve the problems created by aggression only makes matters worse. …[S]ubsidies encourage waste. In countries with subsidized national health insurance, people demand care for minor ailments they used to treat themselves. As a result, patients wait for critical care.”

It doesn’t matter if Joe Biden is correct about if or when the Medicare Trust Fund will go bankrupt. Medicare, Social Security, and all tax-payer funded programs are nothing more than political footballs being tossed around by the red team and blue team of the Republicratic Duopoly. It doesn’t matter which major party gets elected, the rhetoric will continue. I encourage you to think outside of the box, not buy into the rhetoric and stop supporting the two parties who created this problem in the first place.