The Real World News and Commentary – September 7, 2012

Connecting the Dots in the Real World

Created by Roy Perlmutter   September 7 2012


The 1%, Fear and the Democratic Process, Dollars and Sense Show #33


Barack Obama (D)  Top Contributors  2008


09/05/2012   Global manufacturing in contraction

All four major economic zones are now contracting. Debt-based economies must always expand to pay down constantly compounding debt. When that doesn’t happen, they collapse. They are.


Spain had a nearly $100 billion outflow from its banking system in just the month of July.  They have a 25% unemployment rate, a declining economy and the sovereign itself probably has less than 60 days before it goes total “Greek”.  This is a full fledged bank run in progress as their largest bank Dexia was bailed out last week.  The bailout of $7 billion or so merely plugged the hole created over the last 90 days, it has done nothing to stop the losses.




Reclaim the Republic. Restore the Constitution.


Doug Casey on the Fourth Estate


Fahrenheit 451 and the Flame of Liberty


Wildfires burn Western states


Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup


Utah will host new $1.9 billion NSA spy center


NSA Utah ‘Data Center’: Biggest-ever domestic spying lab?


The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology

If you think that 24/7 tracking of citizens by biometric recognition systems is paranoid fantasy, just read the industry newsletters


To my surprise he replied: “I’m tired of my government harassing me and violating the Constitution. Yes, I’ll talk to you.”


Little Big Town – Little White Church


Eisenhower Farewell Address — Military Industrial Complex


14 signs of fascism


US military: unconstitutional orders are unlawful; defend Americans, don’t NDAA “disappear” them


Fahrenheit 451 and the Flame of Liberty