LewRockwell.com – September 6, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Support Your Local Standing Army?
Laurence Vance on the trouble with conservatives.
The Secret Counterfeiting Op
The Fed began QE-ing before Jackson Hole, but neglected to mention it, says Jim Rogers.
Local Cops Are Militarized Troops
And you’re the Taliban. Article by Will Grigg.
I Hate the Media
Doug Casey on yellow, lying, pro-State journalism.
Another Festival of Lies
Brian Wilson on an evening at the DNC.
Left or Right, If You’re Antiwar…
Ron Paul is The Man, says John Walsh.
The Federal Government Can Implode
When interest rates reach 5%. Article by Peter Schiff.
Survive the Crisis, Prosper in the Process
Darryl Robert Schoon on gold’s coming rise.
Did US-Saudi backing for al Qaeda lead to 9/11?
Dangerous Corn
It makes us fat and dumb, says Sarah Wenger.
10 Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity
Do you suffer from any of them? Article by Mark Sisson.