The Real World News and Commentary – September 3, 2012

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Created by Roy Perlmutter   September 3 2012


Peter, Paul & Mary – Washington Peace March – 1971


The Most Dangerous Man In America (Trailer HQ 2010)


Kissinger: Obama Will Create A New World Order




USGS Projects in Afghanistan


J.P. Morgan’s hunt for Afghan gold


William Daley’s JP Morgan Stock: Obama’s Next Chief Of Staff Has Millions Invested


President Bush on Federal Reserve and Ben Bernake


Eliot Spitzer Takes On The Fed – MSNBC w/ Dylan Ratigan (7/24/09)


Jim Rogers Bernanke has NEVER been right! Become a Farmer 03-03-09


Obama breaks vacation, keeps Bernanke at Fed


The Geithner plan = The Paulson plan


Obama Defends Treasury Sec Choice Timothy Geithner


Geithner reassures China its huge dollar holding are “very safe” – 01 Jun 09


Tim Geithner in China Getting laughed at by Chinese Students


Fiscal Irresponsibility Gets Treasury Secretary Geithner Laughed At In China

The Laugh Heard Round the World: Chinese Laugh at Geithner’s Reassurances on US Dollar and Economy


Fire Tim Geithner


The Great Geithner Coverup


Time For Tiny Tim Geithner To Resign


Geithner’s Oligarchs


White House Said to Be Confident Geithner Will Remain


Geithner Wall Street


Levin on Larry Summers, Obama’s Chief Economic Adviser


Barack Obama and Larry Summers Discuss Bailouts and the Economy


Is Sexism Funny? Obama’s Larry Summers Joke Bombs Badly at 2009 WH Correspondents’ Dinner


What “Psychopath” Means   It is not quite what you may think       Scientific American


Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain


Obama Considers Lawrence Summers for World Bank President


What the Geithner/Summers Insurrection Tells Us About Obama


Champions of Dishonesty

Given this inescapable truth, what are we to make of the revelation that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury allowed the multi-trillion-dollar Libor fraud to operate for more than four years?


Did you know that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get more people to sign up for food stamps?

I kid you not. One of the most absurd examples was “a 10-part series of Spanish-language ‘novelas’ that trumpeted the benefits of the food stamp program.”

In the public service announcements, several people pressure a wife and mother named Diana to sign up for assistance, even though she says she doesn’t need it.


We Are Staring At Economic Destruction & Soaring Inflation


Ron Paul: I’ll Be Back!


Rachel Maddow: Romney Lawyer, Ben Ginsberg, Shuts Out Ron Paul — Aug 25 2012


Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul with PR A-Bomb


MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow Discusses Events Surrounding Ron Paul at GOP Convention – August 28. 2012


TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida

On departing the RNC in Tampa yesterday, Ron Paul, his wife and grand-daughter were subjected to harassment by the TSA at a small airport in Clearwater, Florida. Eight TSA goons told the Paul entourage they would need to be screened before they would be allowed to leave because Mitt Romney might be nearby.


The Disappearance Of Brandon Raub

The FBI, Secret Service and police admit Raub has committed no crime. They simply didn’t like his Facebook posts calling 9/11 an inside job, accusing the Bush family of crimes and warning of a coming revolution.


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The Obama Deception