LewRockwell.com – August 29, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
A Reminder About Voting and Politics
The election will change nothing. Article by Jim Karger.
The Predatory Empire
Bob Higgs talks to Lew Rockwell about delusions of power.
Gold Commission 2
Gary North on what it means, if anything.
Remembering the Heroes of the Constitution
Those who opposed it. Article by Brion McClanahan.
The Western War
Against international law. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Nixon’s ‘New Majority’
Is this the last hurrah? Article by Pat Buchanan.
How Dare You Question Government Authorities?
This is, after all, a police state. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
A history lesson from Bill Bonner.
Everybody’s Going to War in the Middle East
Ron Holland on the financial elites who are winning.
Why Pay Big $$$ to get Frisked, Fondled, and Insulted by TSA Thugs?
Paul Huebl on sporting events and concerts.
Do We Face Gang Warfare After the Economic Collapse?
Of the sort the US promotes in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. Article by Bill Lind.
How I Switched to a Straight Razor
Formerly bearded Sean Bonner works up the confidence to retro-shave.