LewRockwell.com – August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012
‘Mises Is a Fake Austrian Economist’?
Tom Woods smacks down Max Keiser.
Abortion and Rape
Andrew Napolitano on the Akin brouhaha.
Challenging the Official Version of Events
Will Grigg on National Socialist Germany, Fascist America, and Brandon Raub.
How Trade Subverted Theocracy in Early Massachusetts
Despite government intervention by the Puritans. Article by Murray Rothbard.
The Crimes of the Insurance Mafia
All enforced by greedy governments at gunpoint, says Eric Peters.
The Thought Police Are Tracking Your Every Move
Because your cellphone is their spyphone. Article by John Whitehead.
Is Your Everyday Emergency Kit Ready to Go?
Customize your supplies first, then pick the best types of containers to carry them in, says Lisa Bedford.
6 Reasons You’ll Be Left Holding the Bag
When the next bailout of the big banksters hits. Article by Alexander Arapoglou and Jerri-Lynn Scofield.
The Many Pleasures of Old Age
And the few vexations. Article by Allan Massie.
Know Your Way Around the Kitchen
Tools, hardware, and essentials for the self-sufficient man. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
Don’t Turn on Your Fat Switch
Joseph Mercola on avoiding the foods that cause the most trouble.