LewRockwell.com – August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
The Kennedy Assassinations
A doctor pursues the truth. Article by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD.
What Do Neoconservatives Believe?
Ron Paul on a most influential grouplet.
Death by Government?
The US government. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Divide and Conquer
The CIA breaks nations apart, and the Chinese are condemned for liking themselves. Article by Pat Buchanan.
Want To Save Money on Car Repairs?
You don’t have to be a mechanic. Just use your senses, says Eric Peters.
The Greatest Admiral You’ve Never Heard of
The astounding global voyages of Zheng He and his Chinese treasure fleet, AD 1405-1433.
Whom Does The Government Intend To Shoot?
Major Gen. Jerry Curry (ret.) on why the DHS might want 5 hollow-point rounds for every American.
The DIY Skill Every Guy Needs
Darren Bush’s step by step instructions on how to fix a toilet.
How Do You Know It’s Enough?
Margaret Durst on getting the right amount of hard-working fiber in your diet.
5 Armed Thugs
Are no match for 1 sharp lady with a gun.
Do You Have a Wheat Belly?
William Davis, MD, on why modern wheat is making people fat and sick.