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Created by Roy
Perlmutter   August 18 2012


Ann Barnhardt: ‘If
You’re Still in These Markets You’re Either Stupid or On Drugs!’



Non-Prosecution: AG Eric Holder Has No Balls


We Are All Muppets


“The Fed really is
the engine or the driving force behind much of what’s gone wrong in the country
in the last 20 years.  The equity bubble
was a disaster, and then the real estate bubble was an even bigger disaster.  But it’s not just those two events and their





STOP the politicians,
President Obama and others, from politically capitalizing on US national
security operations and secrets!


Ex-officers attack
Obama over bin Laden raid leaks


Judicial Watch
Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers


JPMorgan, UBS Said
Among Banks Queried in Libor Probe


The Hoarding
Continues: China Has Imported More Gold In Six Months Than Portugal’s Entire
Gold Reserve


Melt The Witch (REVISED!)   Bix Weir


One of These Charts
Is Lying


The Band Perry – You



UK threatens to
‘assault’ Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Assange


Wave of Suicides
Shocks Greece

Greece, a country
whose Orthodox Church does not condone suicide, has always had one of the
lowest suicide rates in Europe. But now, there were 350 suicide attempts and 50
deaths in Athens in June alone. Most of the suicides were among members of the
middle class and, in many cases, the act itself was carried out in public,
almost as if it were a theatrical performance.


Little Big Town –



It Has Come to This
— Close-to-Death Cash-Strapped Americans Selling Their Life Insurance Policies

We have such an
eroded public safety net that folks are reduced to selling their life insurance
policies for the sake of paying their medical bills


Fahrenheit 451 and
the Flame of Liberty


Decade after Hayman
fire, questions linger about fire’s start


What’s that smell? An
alibi, up in smoke.


But a jury might well
be equally forgiving if it turns out Terry Lynn started the fire by setting
fire to her pay stub.


Colorado’s largest


Colo. — No criminal charges will be filed against the volunteer firefighter
who apparently started the Four Mile Canyon Fire, Boulder District Attorney
Stan Garnett announced Wednesday.


blaze burns up funding base for fire crew….Anticipated plunge in property tax
revenues could imperil future of Four Mile


Canyon Fire



Photos of Houses in the Burn Zone


No Country for Old



Boulder County
Wildfires   by Boulder County Colorado

[External VIDEO Link]


California wildfires
(yet again)


Photo: A home
destroyed in Colorado’s Waldo Canyon fire


The city of Colorado
Springs will pay almost $4 million in overtime as the cost of fighting the
Waldo Canyon fire


Colorado wildfire:
Last Chance Fire 100 percent contained




Leaving aside the
relevant question of how well in advance the Pentagon and US scientists knew
the quake was about to occur, and what Pentagon plans were being laid before
January 12, another issue emerges around the events in Haiti that might help
explain the bizarre behavior to date of the major ‘rescue’ players—the United
States, France and Canada.


The 2011 Earthquake
and Tsunami both Helped GM


D. Roosevelt


Japan Earthquake
Hobbles Car Makers


5. Don’t count out Toyota
and Honda

G.M.’s foreign rivals
faced serious challenges in 2011. The devastating earthquake and tsunami in
Japan crippled the production lines of Toyota and Honda.


Monsanto: THE BAD


Fahrenheit 451 and
the Flame of Liberty




“Your not
Sorry” Taylor Swift ACM Live



Taylor Swift –
Should’ve Said No [HQ and Lyric] Official