LewRockwell.com – August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012
One Difference Between a Free Man and a Slave?
The right to own weapons and defend yourself, says Doug Casey.
Sure They Came Here for Religious Liberty
Murray Rothbard on what the Puritans did to the Quakers.
Big Pharma Hunts for an Expensive Cure
When a cheap one already exists. Article by Bill Sardi.
What Happens When Government Controls Your Medical Records?
Cynthia Koelker, MD, on the coming assault on your privacy and freedom.
The Fear of Abundance
And those nasty foreigners trying to sell you things. Article by Frederic Bastiat.
Why Many Christians Are Wrong
About the causes of American decline. Article by Cam Rea.
War for Fun and Profit
NBC’s as well as the Pentagon’s. Article by Glenn Greeenwald.
You Can’t Change Government by Violence
Nor from the inside, but only non-violently, and from the outside, said Leo Tolstoy.
Are Eggs Really As Bad As Smoking?
Mark Sisson slices-up the latest study from the allies of Big Pharma.
What the Last Roman Emperor Might Tell Caesar Obamus
5 reasons our empire collapsed, and yours will too. Article by Keith Fitz-Gerald.
Mid-Afternoon Slump?
Skip the sugar rush and go high protein, says Edward Group.
Why Is AK47 Demand Soaring?
Low cost, heavy firepower, extreme reliability, fear of fed ban.