The Real World News and Commentary – August 15, 2012

The Real World News & Commentary –
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Created by Roy Perlmutter August 15 2012

Gerald Celente on Eurozone Reckoning Day and how Goldman escapes charges!

One-on-One with Professor William Black

Not a single financial elite that caused the crisis has gone to jail. Because laws are not enforced and crooked bankers are allowed to do whatever they wish, Black says, “Each crisis is getting bigger by an order of magnitude.” Meaning, the next financial meltdown is assured to be much greater than the last.

Little Big Town – Little White Church

Our Country is standing at the Crossroads…the only question left is which Road we will Choose?

U.S. Government Debt Grows $ 10 Million a Minute

Ron Paul: Paul Ryan’s budget doesn’t cut anything of substance

China’s Largest Broker Plunges on Loss Rumor

Is China’s Economy Staring Down The Bottomless Pit ?

El-Erian: ‘Stunned’ At Capital Leaving Eurozone

Belgian National Bank Governor Gets It: Bailing Out Spain “Makes No Sense”

Italy’s Latest Record Debt Load: Bigger, Faster, More

Snap! Crackle! Pop!…Goes the Student Loan Bubble!

Franklin D. Roosevelt

‘Home for good’: Gabrielle Giffords and husband move back to Tucson

When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over

No Country for Old Men