The Real World News and Commentary – August 14, 2012

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Created by Roy Perlmutter August 14 2012

“I think what they’re going to do, joe, is basically put the old system in a coma, and work to device something that’s a little bit better and it’s going to be tricky….what i find fascinating, we had somebody talking about oil earlier today and everybody uniformly agrees that there’s market manipulation by a fairly strong cartel of people that have, in that case, that cartel has the exact same directional exposure to know that when prices go up, they all make money and when prices go down, they all lose money. in the libor space it’s not clear that every bank has exactly the same libor exposure. so it’s not clear that that cartel in setting libor and manipulating it actually is as powerful as the cartel that manages oil prices yet i don’t hear any outrage of people routinely trading commodity derivatives and commodity futures as much as i hear the outrage over euro/dollar futures and libor-based interest rate swaps.”

RED ALERT! It’s Open Season on All Customer Funds!

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