LewRockwell.com – August 14, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Blaming Guns and Other Inanimate Objects
Butler Shaffer on the Batman and Sikh shootings.
80 Million Zombies?
Thanks to Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and their friends in government, says Bill Sardi.
Wrecking the Arab World
Eric Margolis on dividing and conquering.
Promoting Crime in Schools
As an alleged way to help black students. Article by Walter Williams.
Get Your Money Out Now
Legal protection for bank deposits is officially gone, says Mac Slavo.
Ron Paul’s Offenses Against the State Religion
And why the government clergy hate him. Article by Jeremy Hammond.
The Ghost of Joe McCarthy
It haunts the neocons, says Paul Gottfried.
Paul Ryan’s Principles?
To appease the military-industrial complex and the neocons, says Justin Raimondo.
Saying No to a Government Loyalty Oath
Will we have the courage to copy Fr. Cummings? Article by Randy England.
The Crown of Self-Control
The man’s guide to acquiring the rare quality of calmness. Article by William George Jordan.
Who Killed the Lindbergh Baby?
Did the mastermind escape?
They Wreak Havoc on Your Health
Get rid of the hormone-like chemicals in your food supply, says Margaret Durst.