LewRockwell.com – August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012
‘You Didn’t Build It’
Tom DiLorenzo on the real meaning of Obama’s canard.
Why Do We Obey?
Eric Peters on conferring legitimacy on the illegitimate.
He’s No Ron Paul, To Put It Mildly
Jane Aitken on the record of the prospective veep.
Red Dawn Is Coming
The remake of 1984’s ultimate Resistance movie is set for Thanksgiving 2012, says Mac Slavo.
Why Own a Home?
There’s only one reason to so today, says Dennis Coleman.
The Eco-Fascists New ‘Big Lie’
The increase in extreme weather events is just the usual Mother Nature, says James Delingpole.
Slow Down
32 ideas for primal play as the summer days wane. Article by Mark Sisson.
12 Concealed-Carry Guns
12 ounces or less. Article by Bruce Elmer.
Another Marilyn Monroe Mystery
The FBI claims to have lost its most nasty files on her.
The War on Cancer Is Being Lost
As a start, stop donating to establishment cancer research, says David Brownstein, MD.
The Future of Real Education
It’s at home. Article by Dave Bohun.
11 Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs
Joseph Mercola on 8 strategies to avoid them and optimize yours naturally.