The Real World News and Commentary – August 4, 2012

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Created by Roy Perlmutter August 4 2012

An Air of Desperation



Greyerz – The Risk Of Systemic Collapse Is Now Enormous


Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words

Ludicrous Times Op-Ed Forgets Entire Year of Wall Street History

Desperate Houseplants

ECB Disappoints Investors with No Euro Action

Today Michael Pento told King World News we are now just weeks away from a European ‘bombshell.’ Pento predicted, “In my estimation, the ECB is about three or four weeks away from giving a banking license to the EFSF and the ESM. This will lead to unlimited purchases of European debt, and an unlimited dilution to their currency.”



Full-Time Jobs -228,000; Part-Time Jobs +31,000

San Bernardino, California, Files Chapter 9 Bankruptcy



I think it’s unbelievable that the public in Germany, America, Switzerland, etc are not being levelled with as to the whereabouts and/or ownership status of their gold – their “national wealth”.

“Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said to his top generals, “We’ll be at war within weeks.” … If Iran is attacked, all hell is going to break loose, and I think that will mark the beginning of World War III.”


Little White Church

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Need You Now

Blame It On Your Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart

Red Solo Cup

White Liar

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