LewRockwell.com – August 3, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012
The Deflationist Argument Is Baloney
In theory and historical fact, says Gary North.
Priced For Collapse?
Peter Schiff on what’s happening with gold.
Who Are the Real Terrorists?
Governments and their false flags, of course.
Off the Fiscal Cliff
Rising taxes, counterfeiting, the Middle East war will put us over the edge, says Marc Faber.
The Brave New World of Motoring
I hope the driverless car never sees the light of day, says Eric Peters.
Can You Safeguard Your Money in the Unfree US?
David Galland on an overlooked piece of the economic puzzle.
Military Oaths Are Meaningless
If you think they’re about freedom. Article by Roger Young.
Hold Cash and Gold
Bill Bonner on our journey into uncharted financial territory.
Abolish Marriage Laws
To strengthen freedom and the family. Article by Peter Rieth.
Criminal War Within Weeks?
The Iranians are speeding-up their fortifications against US super-bombs, says Raven Clabough.
Forgotten Survival Preparations
Brandon Smith on 5 areas that need attention now.
Depressingly Ineffective
Edward Group on Big Pharma’s antidepressants, and the alternatives.