LewRockwell.com – Augist 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
The Anti-Rothbard Cult
Tom Woods on the problem with some "libertarians."
Why Can’t We Be More Like Leprechauns?
Valuing our property, but loving our liberty more, says Butler Shaffer.
Detours on the Road to Freedom
Where Milton Friedman went wrong. Article by Gary North.
Weaken the Beast
Trace Mayer on withdrawing your consent.
Race, IQ, and Wealth
Ron Unz on what the facts tell us about a taboo subject.
Sick of Being Occupied
Collaborators turn on their invaders.
A New Strain of Vaccine Hysteria?
OMG, it’s the seal flu.
Was the Batman Shooting a Set-Up?
I don’t believe so, but anomalies are emerging.
Unilateral Free Trade
It’s the only international economic policy a country needs, says Patrick Barron.
Should You Increase Carb Intake To Lose Weight?
Mark Sisson explains the benefits of occasional "refeeding."
Challenge the Paradigms About Your Money
Frank Holmes answers 4 questions that do just that.
Have More Energy, Think Clearly, Sleep Better
Clean your body. It will thank you, says Margaret Durst.