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Column created by Roy Perlmutter July 26 2012


Obama addresses gun control for first time since Aurora shootings…

“I think a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals,” he said.


Exploiting a Tragedy to Take Your Rights


Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness


United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)[1] is a Unified Combatant Command of the U.S. military tasked with providing military support for civil authorities in the U.S.,


U.S. Northern Command


Sorry, There Was No Tea Party Connection


If there is anything the post-WWII history of US monetary and fiscal policy should teach us, it should be that when it comes to growing the money supply and the federal debt, Washington DC is run by a single branch of government, a single party and a single point on the left-right spectrum. And this branch, the party that controls it and its political orientation is not something that changes with elections. It is a national political pathology.


Gerald Celente – Gold & The Greatest Bank Robbery In History


UPDATE 4-Geithner says did all he could to address Libor problem


Where Was Geithner During LIBOR Suppression?


Ben Davies: Seeking value in a world of financial repression


Mainstream Media Recovery Hoax


Weimar solution beckons as manufacturing crashes in US Fifth District?


No Housing Recovery In These Three Charts


The New Economic Collapse Video: It makes uncomfortable but urgent viewing.


The Futile Illusion of Prosperity‏!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=1069591859!n=2053144911&fid=1&mid=d94a9256-d6a4-11e1-a6d7-00215ad82052&fv=1


Economists Warn EU on ‘Threshold of Catastrophe’


8,753,935: Workers on Disability Set Another Record in July; Exceed Population of 39 States


Congratulations are in order for Congressman Ron Paul, whose long campaign for a full audit of the Federal Reserve has finally passed the House in what the Washington Times, in a dispatch linked on the Drudge Report, calls “a move that serves as a capstone” to the Texan’s career.



Unlike Big Banks and Bigger Governments, Gold Doesn’t Lie