Darryl W. Perry Endorsed by LibertyCandidates.com

Since I began my campaign for Register of Deeds in Cheshire County, NH in late May, I have accumulated several endorsements – including endorsements from two Presidential candidates. On July 23, I received the endorsement of Liberty-Candidates.org. This is the second time I’ve been endorsed by LibertyCandidates.com, I was also a Liberty Candidate in 2008 as a write-in candidate for US Senate in Alabama.

23 July 2012
United States of America


Liberty Candidates 2012 Endorses:
Darryl W. Perry who is running for Cheshire County Register of Deeds in the State of New Hampshire

 LIBERTY-CANDIDATES.ORG enthusiastically welcomes Darryl W. Perry to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States!

A Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Constitutional Government
  • Sound Money
  • Free Markets
  • a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy.

This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate.  To qualify, Candidates must submit answers to the liberty questions (http://tinyurl.com/libertyapplication). Then, each application is voted on by a committee made up of peers and other liberty minded individuals. Each candidate’s website is visited by committee members to see that a candidate’s answers and his/her stance on the issues coincide.

If accepted, each Liberty Candidate is added to the LibertyCandidates.com site with prominent links back to his/her site(s). All Liberty Candidates are eligible to participate in the Liberty Candidate Money Bombs.

With candidates like Darryl W. Perry serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.

Let Freedom Ring!

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LibertyCandidates.com’s mission is to support Liberty Candidates running for public office in the United States. A true Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of Individual Liberty, Sound Money, Free Markets, Constitutional Government and a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy. Our Goal is to have at least one Liberty Candidate in each state!

Gigi Bowman, Founder

Sally O’Boyle, V.P.