LewRockwell.com – July 23, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012
The Child Killer as Comforter-in-Chief
Will Grigg on the Aurora aftermath.
What’s Not Forbidden Is Mandated
Michael Fiebig on the 619-page building code.
Why Did No One Fight Back?
Mike Adams has some questions about the Batman shooting.
True to Form Since 1976
Bob Adelmann on Ron Paul’s fight against central banking.
Abolish the Public Schools
Public school teacher David Greenwald on how to convince others.
Don’t Be Tricked
Thomas Sowell on jobs v. net jobs.
Real Meat, Uncanned Vegetables, Creamy Dairy
Freeze-dried foods have come a long way, says Tess Pennington.
Immoral and Economically Crippling
Steve Saville on the forced transfer of wealth.
Expose the Statists Who Argue With You
Learn about the 24 logical fallacies.
Cruelty to Children
Not teaching them grammar.
Hungry, Grumpy, Deprived, Frustrated
After a 20-year battle, a nutritionist learns the primal truth.
Was Marilyn Murdered?
Here’s another indication that she did not commit suicide.