The Real World News & Comment – July 21, 2012

The Real World News & Comment –What the Mainstream Media Is Not Allowed to Show You

Material assembled by Roy Perlmutter July 21, 2012


Nigel Farage – Founding Member and Leader of United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)


About the New Book  By Bill Bonner


The Korelin Economics Report – Various Investment Alternatives to Protect Ourselves

Segment 4 – Al discusses the corruption in the business community


The Executive Investigates Itself


Sprott – The Frightening Black Swan Nobody Is Talking About


Government Investigates Blackbird Deaths While Poisoning Them Itself –

Whether killing fish to save a pond or blackbirds to help farmers, government wildlife officials honor neither the “public” or “trust” in the Public Trust Doctrine they are sworn to. And wildlife has a lot more to fear than New Year’s Eve.


The Band Perry – “If I Die Young”


Scandal At The IMF: Senior Economist Resigns, Says “Ashamed To Have Had Any Association With Fund At All”


GEITHNER: ‘I Have Been The Most F—— Transparent Secretary Of The Treasury In This Country’s Entire F—— History’


Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves – Millions of Troy Ounces×358.png


Buyer of (Very) Last Resort – The Federal Reserve Now Owns more Treasury Securities than the Chinese


Reba McEntire – If I Were a Boy