LewRockwell.com – July 11, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Are You an Anarcho-Capitalist?
Mike Adams of Natural News interviews Lew Rockwell about the thieves called government.
The Men Who Leave Great Legacies
And how they do it. Article by Gary North.
The Banksters’ Most Deadly Trick
Ron Paul on fractional reserves.
The Real Fiscal Cliff
The government is driving us off it, says Peter Schiff.
The Right To Secede
The munitions of Lincoln did not abolish it, says Joe Sobran.
Imprisoned in a Government Re-Education Camp
Eric Peters was bombarded by lies, propaganda, and outright nonsense about driving.
The Final Executive Order
And the death of freedom. Article by Ron Holland.
The Headquarters of Thought Control
Paul Craig Roberts on America. (NB: some bad language.)
Creepy Government Spies
And the 14 crimes they want to commit against you.
Turn Your Road Trip Into a Primal Adventure
Plan the route, pack your snacks, and Grok on, says Steve Kamb.
50 Years of Guns, Gals, and Gadgets
The inimitable James Bond.
Worldly Wisdom for the 21st Century Man
Survive and flourish while maintaining your dignity. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.