LewRockwell.co – Weekend June 30-July 1, 2012

Weekend Edition, June 30-July 1, 2012
Government Medical ‘Insurance’
Murray Rothbard on the whole rotten mess.
Libertarian YouTube Star
Amanda BillyRocks talks to Lew about young Paulians, video, and liberty.
It’s Baked in the Cake
A Eurocrash, says Doug Casey.
The Power To Tax Is the Power To Destroy
Peter Schiff on the rotten Supremes.
8 Reasons To Worry
About the increasingly fascist US. Article by Jeff Thomas.
Rating and Ranking the Dictators
The biggest killers are generally considered the greatest presidents. Pat Buchanan has some differences.
Shotgun Shopping?
Andrew Tuohy compares the 2 most popular, reliable, and affordable.
How To Move Back in With Your Parents
The man’s survival guide for both you and them. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
V8, Mezcal, Ezekiel Bread, and More
Can you guess whether they’re primal or not? Mark Sisson has the answers.
5 Inexpensive Ways
To safely store food in your survival pantry. Article by Tess Pennington.
The Only Way for a Man To Fly
A private suite complete with a double bed, a big-screen TV, a feast, and your own attendant.
Are You Left-Brained or Right?
Take the test and see which side is dominant.