LewRockwell.com – June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
We Need Less Higher-Ed
The college-for-all crusade has been a disaster, says Walter Williams.
Put Away Your Badge, Holster Your Gun, and Stop Trying To Loot Me
Gary North’s message for right-wing protectionists.
What Causes an Economic Depression?
And how to cure it, by Murray Rothbard.
How To Cure Diabetes
And for a lot less money than gastric-bypass surgery. Article by Bill Sardi.
Are We Austrians Shills for the Bankers?
So claims a money crank. Article by Tom Woods.
Should Libertarians Accept Social Security?
Laurence Vance on why Ron Paul is right.
Is Canada Freer Than the US?
For one thing, it’s not a police state like the US, says Ron Holland. Also, there’s little private crime.
Red Tape, Hassle, and Expense
Eric Peters on 3 ways government is killing-off old-car collecting.
Abolish the Bar Exam
The legal caste needs competition, says Allen Mendenhall.
The Rise of the Anarcho-Hippie?
Jeff Berwick finds them in a free-er state.
Make It a Double
What a big glass of vino can do for you.
Cheap, Natural, and Good for Just About Anything
Margaret Durst on raw apple cider vinegar, the ancient tonic for many chronic ills.