Is Canada Freer Than America?

An interview with Ron Holland

Daily Bell: We lasted interviewed you in July of 2011 and you were getting ready for retirement living on the beach in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Since then you have picked up and moved to Toronto, Canada.

Exactly what happened in your life to cause such an abrupt change in your lifestyle? Frankly, we haven’t met many people who move from a sub-tropical beach to cold and snowy Toronto, Canada.

Did you leave the US because of all the regulatory threats to wealth, life and prosperity that so many writers are warning about in the alternative media?

Ron Holland: No. I left the US for an exciting business opportunity based in Canada but the increasing authoritarianism in the United States combined with the TSA assaults at airports do make America a threatening jurisdiction to live in or to conduct business in. Add in the threats of a real or contrived future crisis with exchange controls, a run on the dollar and an out-of-control sovereign debt situation makes me very happy to be on the outside of the American financial iron curtain and barbed wire, looking in instead of the other way around.

Today I would never want to raise a family or manage a new company inside the US. There is too much terrorist and foreign policy risk, political risk, dollar risk, regulatory risk, crime and out-of-control federal agencies. What’s left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights could die overnight by presidential executive order in a Washington response to a future crisis or incident.

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