LewRockwell.com – June 20, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012
King Barack
Obama thinks his word is law. Article by Andrew Napolitano.
A Tax-Loving ‘Austrian Economist’?
Gary North on mind-warping protectionism.
What’s Sauce for the Goosed
Isn’t for the TSA gander, says Becky Akers.
Don’t Vote, Don’t Run for Dog Catcher
Electoral politics is a mistake, says Bob Wenzel.
How US Fascism Works
Ex-economic hitman for the power elite, John Perkins, explains.
More Ancestry Fantasy
Obama lied that his grandfather was tortured by the British, says Toby Harnden.
Iodine Deficiency Still Occurs
Indeed, at epidemic rates, says David Brownstein, MD.
Sentiment vs. Reality on the Economic Future
There’s a total and dangerous disconnect, says Simon Black.
Treasure Hunting, Prepper-Style
How to bargain shop for everything.
There’s Still Time
To buy gold cheaply and store it outside the banking system, says Egon von Greyerz.
What Guy Wouldn’t Want a Cave Like These?
15 of the coolest libraries, studies, or get-a-ways ever. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.
The Great Alkalizing Mineral
How potassium makes your body work right. Article by Margaret Durst.