LewRockwell.com – June 12, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Face It: Social Security Is a Handout
From the poor to the rich, says Walter Williams.
Want To Become a Knowledgeable Libertarian?
Bob Wenzel has a 30-day reading list.
There Are 27 Ways To Harm Someone
But don’t do it. Choose pacifism instead, says James Altucher.
Does a Wire Transfer Make You a Terrorist?
You’re guilty until proven innocent.
Fear a Police State?
It’s already here, says Eric Peters.
When There’s a US Fukushima
Chill over the radiation, say the lying feds. Article by Ian Goddard.
Highways to Hell
10 signs that our roads have become high-tech prison grids.
Lies of the Welfare State
Thomas Sowell on political prevarication.
Grilled Eggs?
A simple and ingenious recipe for guys.
How the Regime Suppresses Information
James Tracy on the police state vs. knowledge.
What’s the Best Way to Disappear a Beer Belly?
It’s not using smaller soda cups, says Joseph Mercola.