2012: A Silver Odyssey

My friend Angela Keaton sent the following to me, I am reposting in the hopes that someone may enjoy the video and share the info.

2012 A Silver Odyssey from Drew on Vimeo.

To further promote the concept of silver as an affordable and accessible barter money, Don’t Tread On Meme purchased a vending machine in January 2012 with the sponsorship of silver dealers Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc., along with Freedom’s Phoenix, Silver Circle Movie, The Shire Society, Freedom Engineering, Shire Silver, Porcfest 2012, RTR.org, and Antiwar.com. The machine became a prop for economic and political “street theater” at events such as Ron Paul campaign appearances and liberty conferences. Due to the black monolithic appearance and its purpose as a “sentinel” for economic evolution, it became the inspiration for this web-based featurette film 2012: A Silver Odyssey written as an allegory to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.