LewRockwell.com – June 6, 2012


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
When the Christians Ran Massachusetts
And were madly interventionist. Article by Murray Rothbard.
What’s Ahead?
Ryan McMaken interviews Lew on the history and prospects for liberty.
George Soros Warns
The European Union is going down in 3 months. Gary North is cheering.
Never Again!
Sandy Klein on being a GOP delegate for Ron Paul.
Praetorian Cops Are Above the Law
So they speed with impunity. Article by Eric Peters.
‘Disrespect Authority’?
It can get you 13 years in jail. Article by Will Grigg.
The Assassin-in-Chief
The real nature of the US presidency.
Student Loans: The Next Scam To Bubble, Pop, Collapse
Chump debtors have been flim-flammed by the Fed and the schools, says Bill Bonner.
Is Gold Getting Ready to Maul the Dollar?
Are the pols and banksters prepping to unleash massive stimulus? Article by Stewart Thomson.
Excessive Exercise Hurts Your Heart
And causes dangerous, long-term harm.
Phony Pentagram Identities
Spread war propaganda.
Bottom of the Alphabet, Top of the Essentials List
Margaret Durst on your body’s super-catalyst, zinc.