LewRockwell.com – June 1, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012
The Bilderberger Coven
The list of who’s attending.
Murray Rothbard’s Memory
Or, why I don’t measure up. Article by Gary North.
Come Home, Former Libertarian
You know you’re not happy as a statist, says Walter Block.
Used by the State, Even in Death
Mike Rogers on his father’s military funeral.
Do We Face This Immense Evil?
Ron Paul on capital controls.
The Government Is Hiding the Truth
On the Kennedy assassination, 9/11/01, and more. Article by Russ Baker.
How the Fed Does Its Dirty Work
Bob Wenzel explains the fascinating and outrageous process.
America’s Perpetual War
And its man of peace, Ron Paul. Article by Jack Kenny.
How Readable Is Your Prose?
Test yours and see.
Flame Super-Virus Made in the USA?
The crippling cyber-weapon has all the hallmarks of the CIA and NSA.
Thank Heaven for Dumb Money!
Bill Bonner on how the Facebook fixers fouled-up.
Home, Sweet-Smelling, Non-Toxic, Home
5 Natural, homemade fresheners to clean your air without chemcals. Article by Edward Group.