LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, May 19-20, 2012

Weekend Edition, May 19-20, 2012
Empires Disintegrate
This is a social law, says Gary North. There are no exceptions.
How the CIA Edited the Zapruder Film
To help coverup the real story of JFK’s murder. Article by Douglas P. Horne.
Is It Ultimately the Fault of Goldman Sachs?
The Greek crisis, that is. Article by Eric Margolis.
Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?
Yes, says Paul Craig Roberts. But is it fast enough?
Imagine 80 MPG?
Don’t…government will never allow such a drastic reduction in its tax-haul, says Eric Peters.
Coercive ‘Rights’
The ones the government uses against you. Article by Joe Sobran.
10 Life-Changing Decisions
That we make without even thinking about them. Article by James Altucher.
Chuckie Schumer and the Bureaucratic Berlin Wall
In Amerika. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
Cover Your Shorts
Don’t get caught as the market approaches another low, says Marc Faber.
No Gym, No Trainer, No Equipment
Get fit with one simple exercise, the Burpee, says Joseph Mercola. Kathy Smith shows how.
Should You Start Barefoot Running?
Shaun Daws answers 8 FAQ’s on what you can expect.