LewRockwell.com – May 17, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012
The US Has Become a Dystopian Novel
Andrew Napolitano on the unconstitutional spy drone above your backyard.
Financial Markets Panic and Euro Riots Rage
Meanwhile, the US obsesses over gay marriage, says Gerald Celente.
If Cops Can’t Taze a Pregnant Woman
The terrorists have won. Article by Will Grigg.
The Car Con Job
Eric Peters on morbidly-obese, over-regulated, over-teched, and much-too-expensive automobiles.
Is Google Turning Us into Cyborgs?
James Altucher on not going to college and other searches.
For an Economic Recovery in Europe
Get out of the banksters’ EU, now. Article by Ron Holland.
Ron Paul vs. the Real ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Crowd
Scott Lazarowitz on the statolators.
The All-Important Question
Recovery, no recovery, or crash? Article by David Galland.
When All the Money Returns to Thin Air
Wha’ happens? Article by Charles Hughes Smith.
Become Fat, Sick, and Stupid
With high fructose corn syrup, says Sara Churchville.
The US Is Copying Japan at Pearl Harbor
Iran is the victim this time. Article by John Glaser.
Need an Alternative to Motrin, Aleve, Advil?
Edward Group on the long list of health benefits from a natural enzyme, serrapeptase.