LewRockwell.com – May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Civilized People Should Buy Gold
When uncivilized people like the Nazis and other Keynesians are in charge, says Gary North.
There Is Still Capitalist Medical Care in America
G. Keith Smith, MD, talks to Lew about the wild success, and low prices, that result from kicking out the feds.
Did Obama Really Kill Osama?
Don’t make Ralph Cinque laugh.
The Majority Is Always Wrong
Except by accident, says Al Lowi.
He Who Has the Gold, Rules
The actual physical metal, that is. Article by Peter Schiff.
Is This the End of ‘One Europe’?
Pat Buchanan on antagonism, left and right, against Brussels and banksterism.
Leftist Race-Baiters
Walter Williams on Chris Matthews and the gang.
The Great Myth of the Welfare State
Its defenders are getting more totalitarian as the myth disintegrates, says Jack Douglas.
Do You Want To Trigger a Zombie Revolution?
Then stick to phony austerity, says Bill Bonner.

Firearms Freedom
State by state, across the nation, the opposition is being out-gunned.

New Frontiers in the Police State
Criminalizing school children.
Don’t Be Put Off by the Long, Latin Names
Homeopathic remedies are cheap and effective, and have no bad side effects, says Margaret Durst.