LewRockwell.com – May 1, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
The Empire’s Latest Dastardly Scheme
To enrich the vicious military-industrial complex. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
It Can’t Happen Here?
It already did, says Tim Case, almost 150 years ago.
Now Breitbart’s Coroner Is Dead
Was he poisoned? Article by Bob Wenzel.
The Criminal Gangs Called Unions
No wonder they’re allied with Obama. Article by Thomas Sowell.
The Horrific Costs of War
Ron Paul on what the power elite inflict on us and the world.
Game of Drones
The Terrorist State abolishes your privacy, and threatens your life.
Is Europe Sailing on the Titanic?
Or is it the end of banksterism in the Old World? Article by Pat Buchanan.
Don’t Trust Academia or the Mainstream Media
If you’re looking for the truth about Ron Paul or any real news, says Seth Stern.
Read More Fiction, Men!
Novels, especially mysteries, help develop your theory of mind, say Brett and Kate McKay.
The Ron Paul Revolution Is Alive and Well
It’s the future, says Lucas Sepulveda.
‘There Definitely Was Another Shooter’
RFK assassination witness says FBI covered up second gunman.
How I Tamed My Blood Sugar and My Hunger
I’m happier and more alive since going primal.