R. Lee Wrights: Let’s Offer a True Libertarian Message to America


Let's Offer a True Libertarian Message to America

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (April 28) – It's been nearly two years since I began this campaign to earn the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. From the beginning I stated my goal clearly and I've stuck to it. I said then that the Libertarian Party faces a critical test in 2012 and I want to make sure we're up to the challenge. The Libertarian message in 2012 must be a loud, clear and unequivocal call to stop the wars! Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop the war on drugs and alternative lifestyles, stop the war on civil liberties – stop all war.

At every presidential debate, state party convention and event I've attended, I've asked libertarian activists to join me in saying 'I am not at war,' and I've been encouraged and inspired by their response. It has been my honor to take part in forums with my fellow presidential candidates. I've learned some things from them, and I hope they have learned some things from me.

The only thing that has changed is that today it's even more critical that the Libertarian Party's candidate for President of the United States is ready, willing and able to present a clear, principled, unwavering and unequivocal libertarian message that offers Americans radically different answers to our nation's problems, not variations or modifications of the false solutions promoted by Democrats and Republicans.

I believe I'm the person most qualified to fill that role. I've been a libertarian all my life; never have I been anything else. There is no learning curve for Lee Wrights as the 2012 standard bearer. I can wave the Libertarian flag high without exception or compromise.

We Libertarians are in the business of pulling up weeds like taxes and regulations, not planting new ones. We offer the American people true choices and rational alternatives. The Libertarian Party can make a difference in 2012, but only if we are different, and our candidate for president is not afraid to be a true, principled libertarian. The libertarian promise of peace, prosperity and progress is a message Americans are longing to hear. We don't need to soften, refine or modify what we believe to win votes.

If you honor me with your nomination for President of the United States, I pledge to campaign like a libertarian, offer libertarian solutions to problems and issues, and eventually govern like a libertarian. I promise to always bear in mind that no matter what the question, freedom is the answer. If elected, I will be:

* A Libertarian president who conducts foreign policy on the basis of conversation and commerce, not bullets and bombs.

* A Libertarian president who supports our troops by bringing them all home now, leaving only embassy guards overseas.

* A Libertarian president who never orders American troops on any mission other than defending the United States of America from direct attack.

* A Libertarian president who never enters any “entangling alliance” or suggests giving foreign aid to any nation, no matter how friendly they are.

* A Libertarian president who never proposes to “reform” or “replace” the federal income tax, but who'll work to abolish it.

* A Libertarian president who never condones or orders the detention – let alone the killing – of any person anywhere, regardless of their citizenship and their suspected activities, be they criminal or terrorist, without due process of law.

Gandhi said that we must become the change we want to see in the world. In 2012, the Libertarian Party must become the change it offers to the American people. We need a presidential candidate who is willing to speak about change, real change, and not deviate from principle for political expediency. I believe that I am that candidate. If you honor me with your nomination, I will offer the American people the change that will lead us all to liberty and freedom, and bring us peace, prosperity and progress.

R. Lee Wrights, 53, a libertarian writer and political activist, is seeking the presidential nomination because he believes the Libertarian message in 2012 must be a loud, clear and unequivocal call to stop all war. To that end he has pledged that 10 percent of all donations to his campaign will be spent for ballot access so that the stop all war message can be heard in all 50 states. Wrights is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party and co-founder and editor of the free speech online magazine Liberty For All. Born in Winston-Salem, N.C., he now lives and works in Texas.

Lee Wrights for President
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